Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance


DC Supplies offer compatible and remanufactured computer consumables, supplying one of the most comprehensive ranges of fully guaranteed and quality control tested cartridges.


We work closely with a number of world leading manufacturers to ensure the quality, consistency and compatibility of the materials used. All cartridges where applicable are fitted with brand new long life drums and only application specific toners are used (we do not use general purpose toners).


DC Supplies also warrants that in normal use and subject to the conditions herein, our printer cartridges will not cause damage or abnormal wear when used in printers for which they were designed to operate. If a defect in one of our cartridges causes such a printer to fail, DC Supplies will cover the cost of repair including any replacement parts or labour, or provide a replacement machine, whichever is the most cost effective. Please note, this guarantee is no longer valid if the cartridge has been damaged, dismantled or modified and the warranty shall be limited to replacement or reimbursement as outlined above and does not cover consequential loss.


Returns Policy


In the event of having to report a cartridge issue please ensure the following information is obtained and relayed to DC Supplies before collection is arranged from the end user or credit approved:


1. The DC Supplies part code, as located on the cartridge box.

2. The make and model of the printer the cartridge has been installed into.

3. The reported fault including any error message shown on the printers display.

3. The unique batch code located on the cartridge, not on the cartridge box.

4. The printers “Supplies Status Page”, instructions on how to produce this are available if required on request.


Upon receipt of the above information we will provide a “Goods Return Number (GRN)”. At our discretion and provided we are satisfied the cartridge is a DC Supplies product with a genuine fault we will offer a free of charge replacement under our standard terms, or a full credit. Please note, we may request additional information before making a decision, such as print samples.


There may be occasions when DC Supplies requires an examination of the cartridge(s). In these circumstances we will aim to test the units and provide feedback following the examination within 20 working days of receipt. In the case of print defects, this process will be aided by the inclusion of sample prints.


A credit will only be issued after the examination has been completed. DC Supplies will not arrange collection of any such claims, it is the responsibility of their customer to return the goods in a suitable condition for inspection. Should goods be returned poorly packaged or in a condition not fit to be tested we will not proceed with the claim. If the goods are found to be faulty any reasonable carriage charges incurred by the customer will be refunded, provided proof of charges is supplied.


Claim for Machine Damage


In the unlikely event of a customer making a claim for a cartridge causing damage to their machine, the following procedure is to be followed:


1. The customer contacts their account manager to inform them of a potential claim for machine damage. Details are taken of the cartridge and the printer it has been installed into and the nature of the problem.


For claims of leakage, evidence will be required in the form of a picture demonstrating the leakage


2. DC Supplies will offer advice wherever possible to correct any problems. If we agree there is a cartridge related error with the machine that cannot be resolved by the end user, an independent engineer’s visit can be arranged by the end user, the customer, or DC Supplies. In some cases DC Supplies will accept the machine back to our warehouse for inspection or repair. If the end user or the customer arranges the visit the price must be confirmed to DC Supplies before proceeding.


3. After a report has been received from the independent engineer DC Supplies will assess the responsibility and provide feedback to the customer. If the cartridge has caused the damage we will cover the cost of repair including any replacement parts and labour or provide a replacement machine, whichever is most cost effective. If replacement parts are required, we will need to be notified in advance of the work being undertaken in order to decide if it will be cost effective to do so. In the case of the engineer carrying out the work, any parts replaced will be credited only after they have been sent back to DC Supplies with a copy of the engineers report for validation.


4. In cases where a replacement machine is offered, DC Supplies will suggest a suitable replacement that matches the specification of the damaged machine. If we cannot offer a similar specification we may suggest an upgrade whereby the customer pays the difference in the cost of the products (current market value).


5. Under no circumstances should an engineer’s visit be requested or arranged before seeking advice from DC Supplies as this will invalidate any claim.